Project-based work in a complex industry with Ortems at the heart of the plant

Velan, a leading designer and provider of industrial valves and fittings, especially in the nuclear power market, had its revenues increase threefold in four years. This sharp growth in customer demand was compounded by two other factors: the need to meet complex and high-variability specifications that require lots of adjustments; and the French nuclear safety authority’s quality and safety requirements that may sometimes block production for several years. Consequently, Velan decided to implement Ortems planning solutions to manage its priorities and substantial data volumes (100,000 operations) and to improve its forecasts.


  • Display and level the workload as soon as the customer order is received

  • Manage production load, design studies and engineering and methods department

  • Collect feedback from the various departments in order to optimize planning


  • 25% reduction in inventories and work-in-process

  • Clear visibility in the Schedule, and improved collaboration between the different departments.

  • The existing ERP couldn’t collect feedback and the WO dates were not updated. Velan currently uses Ortems to circulate reports to the different project managers who can immediately view the forecast due dates.

  • Quality checks and controls can be anticipated, which saves weeks in the cycle time.