For Ulysse Nardin, true technical mastery implies perfecting its timepieces in the purest meaning of the term.  To guarantee excellence, the watchmaker designs and manufactures most of its movements in-house. It is one of the rare Haute Horlogerie watchmakers to produce its own balance springs and escapements.

The factory is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds and unites 40 trades to produce the components and movements of its different collections.

To manage the flow of its production of watch components, mainly the ébauches, gears and regulating organs, going from unit production to mass runs of several thousand items, the factory has selected the DELMIA Ortems Agile Manufacturing solution.

Lucas Humair, Ulysse Nardin’s Industrial Director stated: “Ulysse Nardin has coupled the DELMIA  Ortems solution to its Solvaxis ERP and launched a Lean Manufacturing project. We can now o, reduce run times and balance the loads across the different shops while minimizing bottlenecks and in-process inventory.”   

The DELMIA  Ortems solution was implemented and fine-tuned by and under the responsibility of Stefano Marzo, as Head of Movements Supply Chain in charge of defining the model best suited to the needs of the factory in cooperation with DELMIA Ortems specialists.

“The different teams in Ulysse Nardin are completely satisfied by their daily use of the solution. It offers a detailed two-month view of the load while remaining flexible in case of need, taking into account the many trades and shops to manage and production contingencies,” Marzo added. 

Here are the main gains provided by our software:

  • Financial gains:
    • Reduced scheduling team by 25%
    • Reduced in-process inventory
    • Just-in-time production
    • Reduced run times
  • Strategic gains:
    • Improved, more reliable Supply Chain service level
    • Anticipate and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Organizational gains :
    • Fine-level control of multiple trades and shops
    • Anticipate subcontractor information via precise communication of volumes and lead times

Stefano Marzo, Ulysse Nardin’s Head of Movements Supply Chain, concluded: “ DELMIA  Ortems is a tool that is indispensable to our organization. We plan to deploy it in other planning units of our departments, for example the movements assembly process”.