Press Release

Lyon, July 9, 2014

The User Club of the leading software editor in Advanced Planning & Scheduling gathers 170 attendees and 17 nationalities


Ortems’ User Club 2014 focused on the theme “Planning Tomorrow’s Factory”, and was held in Paris on June 11, at the height of a strong transportation crisis.
Despite the strikes, the User Club has assembled a wide community of industrials and partners, a majority of whom were from foreign countries.
This event announced the release of version 8 of the Agile Manufacturing software range, officially marketed in September.
Among other important news was the new positioning of Ortems, with its global planning pyramid and its role amidst the MOM (Manufacturing Operation Management) architecture. This new positioning comes with a brand new graphical identity, including a new company logo.

Ortems commits to a “Smart Factory” approach for a much more digital, connected, collaborative, and agile production.

The event was rich with customer experience feedback such as Airbus Helicopter in the Aerospace industry, Velan in the ETO, Merck in the pharmaceutical sector, all of which testify to the efficiency of the offer and associated service delivered by Ortems.
The Ortems solutions bring to the market a unique answer covering all the axis of planning from the S&OP, the MPS down to scheduling and plant dispatching execution whilst complementing software such as ERP, PLM and MES. Ortems V8 solution strengthens digital manufacturing, enabling upstream simulation and planning prior to production – as demonstrated by the Airbus Helicopter case.
During this event Ortems has upheld its leading position in Advanced Planing & Scheduling. The release of Ortems Agile Manufacturing V8, scheduled for September 2014, will be the flagship event of this fall.