Speed Group, owned by Italian-based TECOMEC, is renowned for its broad and diverse product range, its exceptional innovation capacity (more than 28 patents filed) and its outstanding responsiveness in the face of changing market trends. Speed chose the Ortems planning software to add to its Sage X3 ERP and address the following issues:

  • A highly seasonal business (peak in the summer) based primarily on custom work because each customer has specific needs (4,000 product SKUs).

  • Several shops have to be synchronized with quite different skills: injection, extrusion, packaging, and regeneration (recycling).

The main objectives were to:

  • Be able to manufacture just-in-time to decrease inventory
  • Optimize semi-finished products in order to package as late as possible
  • Be able to supply all orders during the seasonal peak
  • Manage the plant by adjusting the workforce and building safety stock.

With Ortems Manufacturing Planner, these objectives were met rapidly, and ROI took 6 months only.

Reduction in inventory
Increase in service level
Increase in production capacity