The solution maintenance services involve guaranteeing the DELMIA Ortems solution can be used continuously in production.

The primary objectives of these services are to be able to recover optimal use of the solution as quickly as possible in case of an incident, and to ensure maximum solution continuity and continual improvement in the face of all kinds of developments and changes.

A dedicated support team provides the DELMIA Ortems solution maintenance services once the project team has transferred the solution after it is put into production.

Scope covered by the solution maintenance services:

  • Modeling and configurations done by DELMIA Ortems (DELMIA Ortems Solution Repository)
  • Integrations with internal/external software developed by DELMIA Ortems (interfaces)
  • Activities related to installing Ortems software upgrades

DELMIA Ortems solution maintenance services are divided into the following categories:

  • Solution operations assistance
  • Solution maintenance, and evolutionary maintenance