DELMIA Ortems  Consulting Services have extensive manufacturing know-how based on implementing thousands of projects, and a business approach focused on verticals.

Categories of services

The services offered address issues from the different stages of the project:

  • Assess and benchmark manufacturing operations
  • Assess and benchmark the production information systems and integration architecture
  • Define target needs, and design the target solution
  • Design performance improvement models
  • Structure, implement, and manage the projects
  • Implement corporate solutions, with multi-location, global rollouts
  • Implement and monitor best practices, for continuous improvement

Project implementation

To ensure this key phase is executed successfully, DELMIA Ortems  has developed a step-based agile methodology.

Project methodology: List all the project phases, including the project deliverables, and details of the structure, organization and responsibilities spread between the customer and the DELMIA Ortems teams.

Core model approach: Optimize production, align best practices, and secure massive returns on investment on global rollouts. The core model is continually enhanced throughout the project, based on experience gained and incremental upgrades. Capitalizing on experience and on the effects of duplication is correlated to the strategy to massively decrease costs and to accelerate implementation.