Sanofi uses Ortems software to plan and schedule operations at more than 12 facilities around the world in SAP, Oracle, and other ERP environments.


Sanofi, world leader in the pharmaceutical industry and in human vaccines, offers an extensive portfolio of pharmaceutical products including prescription drugs, generics, consumer healthcare, and animal health products.


In order to make up for ERPs’ functional shortcomings in finite-capacity planning and scheduling, Sanofi is taking steps to optimize its manufacturing processes so it can transition from static to dynamic planning and scheduling with Ortems software solutions. This project also aims to upgrade the planner’s role so it is more focused on the high value added tasks.

A core model is to be rolled out across all industrial facilities, whatever the existing ERP platform (SAP & OeBS).


Cover the MPS and detailed scheduling process in SAP 4.7 and Oracle Application environments at 7 facilities around the world.


  • ROI in less than one year, with planning process optimization and streamlining
  • Inventory reduced by 20%
  • Decreased production cycle time to quicken new product introduction
  • Improved delivery dates
  • Consistent and collaborative schedule, shared in real time by all participants in the supply chain
  • Improved forecasting of load plans and of the plant’s capacity to fulfill them
  • Better responsiveness to contingencies, with quick assessment of the scenarios to meet requirements (what-if simulation + reporting)