Mr Stephane Eurin, Quies Operational Manager after implementing Ortems noticed the following benefits:
Financial Benefits:
•    Reduction of Stock level and incidence on raw material stocks.
•    Better occupancy rate of the machines.
•    30% set up time reduction, lot size optimization.
•    Labor resource optimization and flexibility: « without Ortems we would have needed to hire 2 people in the planning team to do the same job as we had more references to manage ».
•    Better relationship with subcontractors: “We optimize and anticipate the material needs at 2-3 months for 90%.For a Provider working  4 to 6 weeks : it becomes much simpler for him!”

Stategic Benefits:
“Ortems has been able to shadow our growth whilst maintaining a required  productivity. Quies has multiplied by 3 its work orders, products and references have doubled”.
•    Better reactivity:
o    Immediate visibility on the planning which helps anticipate procurement and staffing. Visibility on the firm orders at 6 weeks and planning at 8 months.
o    Visibility on the capacity and line occupancy rates in order to plan technical shut downs  and maintenance without hurting the production.
•    Conquering new markets: Launching promotional campaign in retail stores.         “These campaigns ensure visibility and revenue however, they can also be dangerous shouldn’t we be able to have reliable delays with backlog penalties.”
•    A better management of our seasonal peeks by optimizing our low production periods.

Organizational Benefits:
•    A genuine decision making tool to make the right choice and adapt to the demand;
•    A collaborative tool for a better internal communication.
•    Sustainable development of the planning competence which focuses on optimization tasks: strong added value for internal and external customers.