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Lyon, May 28th 2015

Quies chooses Ortems to support its growth strategy & operational excellence program

The Quies Company, founded in 1921, is a French SME specialized in earing protection products continues to grow with the introduction of at least one new product per year.
Quies products are distributed in more than 25 countries, in pharmacies and mass market.
Quies is continuously looking for innovation, develops its range with new products both in the fields of hearing protection and ear care and well-being: anti-snoring, skin care and eye care.
Quies selects Ortems to strengthen its development strategy slowed by planning with a simple Excel solution non-integrated with ERP Sage X3.

Stephane Eurin, Operational Manager explains: « We have expanded our product lines for the past 2 years and doubled our references especially in hygiene product (anti-lice range, eye care hygiene, anti-snoring products) and we increasingly expanded our export turnover. We never could have done such a growth without doubling our planning and purchasing resource without a reliable planning solution totally integrated in our Sage ERPX3.”
Mr Stéphane Eurin, Quies Operational Manager after implementing Ortems noticed the following benefits:

Financial Benefits:

• Reduction of Stock level and incidence on raw material stocks.

• Better occupancy rate of the machines.

• 30% set up time reduction, lot size optimization.

• Labor resource optimization and flexibility: « without Ortems we would have needed to hire 2 people in the planning team to do the same job as we had more references to manage ».

• Better relationship with subcontractors: “We optimize and anticipate the material needs at 2-3 months for 90%.For a Supplier working 4 to 6 weeks : it becomes much simpler for him!”

Strategic Benefits:

“Ortems has been able to strengthen our growth whilst maintaining a required productivity. Quies has multiplied its work orders by 3, products and references have doubled”.

• Better reactivity:

– Immediate visibility on the planning which helps anticipate procurement and staffing. Visibility on the firm orders at 6 weeks and planning at 8 months.

– Visibility on the capacity and line occupancy rates in order to plan technical shut downs and maintenance without hurting the production.

• Conquering new markets: Launching promotional campaign in retail stores. “These campaigns ensure visibility and revenue however, they can also be dangerous shouldn’t we be able to have reliable delays with backlog penalties.”

• A better management of our seasonal peeks by optimizing our low production periods.

Organizational Benefits:

• A genuine decision making tool to make the right choice and adapt to the demand;

• A collaborative tool for a better internal communication.

• Sustainable development of the planning competence which now focuses on optimization tasks: strong added value for internal and external customers.

To sum up Stephane Eurin concludes: “Ortems helps us to develop our production activity, new references and increase our revenue. Without Ortems and its reliable planning it would have been impossible to get our results without hiring 2 more planners and purchasers to manage our suppliers. Ortems is a strategic tool which helps companies to be more reactive and take the right decisions. We really appreciate the Ortems project management, the project was very well managed, the numbers of days was reasonable for an SME like us and the integration with Sage ERP X3 is absolutely easy thanks to Ortems expertise.”

About Ortems
Ortems is the expert of collaborative advanced planning & scheduling solutions, with over 16 000 major account users and SMEs in 60 countries.
The Ortems Agile manufacturing suite offers an integrated planning and scheduling complementary solution to ERP, MES and PLM.
Ortems’ commitment in the Smart Factory approach for a more digital, connected, collaborative and agile production represents a key component for new MOM architectures.
Our references in the pharmaceutical and medical devices include: Ales, Almirall, Depuy, Heraeus, Gewitec, Laboratoires Chemineau, Laboratoires Urgo, Lacer, Pharmascience, Merck, Remedica, Sanofi, Sigvaris…

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