Synchronized inventory and capacity planning software

DELMIA Ortems Synchronized Resource Planner is the material flow synchronization software in the DELMIA Ortems Agile Manufacturing line. It offers just-in-time demand/manufacturing synchronization across all BOM levels. DELMIA Ortems Synchronized Resource Planner software optimizes inventory and manufacturing capacity for manufacturers, SMEs, and large corporations alike with production flow constraints across multiple BOM levels.


Synchronized Resource Planner


How does DELMIA Ortems synchronized planning software work?

Using a multi-level BOM approach, the DELMIA Ortems SRP engine accelerates flow lines by synchronizing purchase orders and work orders from raw materials through to semi-finished and finished products. It places constraints related to supplies and available stocks of raw materials on the schedule. It creates provisional traceability links between semi-finished and finished product Work Orders, and the DELMIA ORTEMS Production Scheduler engine or the  DELMIA ORTEMS Manufacturing Planner load balancing engine use these links to accelerate the flow lines. Before this, the DELMIA Ortems Synchronized Resource Planner handles customer demand using netting functionality between the sales forecasts and the customer orders in order to define the net production requirement for the plant.

DELMIA Ortems Synchronized Resource Planner (SRP) now handles Kitting with requirement matching features (forecasts and orders). The BOM (Bill Of Material) of a finished product can now include other finished products. This means that the SRP™ mode empowers you to plan the production of kits, i.e. finished products that are, in all or in part, made up of other finished products, possibly including others kits as well ( example: bundles for promotional or end of the year packages, etc. ). The SRP requirement matching feature also identifies the quantities of finished products required by other finished products and takes them into account when calculating the total requirements for the “consumed” finished products, thereby making sure they are covered like all other requirements.

How will your teams use this synchronized planning software?

DELMIA Ortems  Synchronized Resource Planner (SRP) provides innovative technology to optimize the MRP process. It offers different MRP management policies to manage inventory (based on stock coverage, target stock or make-to-order production) and optimize capacity utilization. Planners have interactive tools that provide a consolidated view of stock alerts (stock-out, date when inventory will fall below minimum threshold, overstock to date) so they can react quickly to these issues and provide customers with a fast response. In case of raw material hazards like a late supply delivery, the planners analyze the impact on the schedule and can simulate a solution that minimizes the delay.

What are the benefits with this synchronized planning software?
  • Reduce inventory through multi-level material flow synchronization
  • Calculate finite capacity requirements in a single computation loop
  • Optimize flow lines and reduce waste
  • Analyze the impact of a contingency across all manufacturing levels
  • Provide dynamic customer-to-supplier traceability
  • Improve customer service and the reliability of lead-times
  • Execute just-in-time, demand-driven production




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