Scheduling software for agile manufacturing

DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler is the detailed scheduling module in the DELMIA Ortems Agile Manufacturing line. It offers integrated management of product- and process-related constraints across multiple resources – machines, operators, tools, etc. DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler software provides manufacturers, SMEs, and large corporations with short-term optimization capabilities for their made-to-order or inventory-based production flows.

Production Scheduler

How does DELMIA Ortems scheduling software work?

DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler uses its configurable optimization engine and its 70 basic optimization criteria to optimize production sequences (production runs) and dispatching over the various plant resources.

This enables users to increase productivity and reduce changeover times, raw material inventory, and work-in-process.

DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler’s interactive schedule increases agility through improved control and responsiveness in the face of production hazards and changes in demand, thus delivering greater customer satisfaction.

How will your teams use this scheduling software?

DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler’s collaborative features enable engagement of all supply chain participants around a single schedule according to their level of responsibility. DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler shares planning and KPI data with the entire organization as well as partners, customers, subcontractors, and suppliers.

It is scheduling software with innovative and easy-to-use design and a quick learning curve: DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler is an essential tool to help teams handle their daily challenges!

What are the benefits with this scheduling software?
  • Improve customer service and the reliability of lead-times
  • Optimize productivity and reduce waste
  • Reduce cycle time and work-in-process
  • Anticipate and control load fluctuations inherent with execution
  • Improve responsiveness in the face of production and demand contingencies
  • Gain better foresight through a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Create schedules faster
  • Integrate easily into MESs and ERPs


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