Agile Manufacturing is a concept that combines flexibility, responsiveness, and adaptability

DELMIA Ortems  Agile Manufacturing is a comprehensive suite of production planning and scheduling software solutions whose goal is to meet manufacturing industries’ challenges and specific characteristics. Ortems enables manufacturers in all sectors to optimize customer service, to facilitate demand-driven production, to accelerate product time-to-market, and to decrease operating costs.

DELMIA Ortems solutions accommodate the complex challenges of manufacturing industries, from industrial planning to detailed scheduling, empowering manufacturers to achieve operational excellence, by combining the following key factors of the Agile Manufacturing method:

  • Synchronization
  • Optimization
  • Responsiveness and visibility
  • Integration and navigation with the information system

V8.1 has brought major design and ergonomic changes (color-blind user-friendly), technological breakthroughs, integration of multiple collaborative features and new communication and navigation functions.