Press Release

Lyon, May 23rd 2016

Accelerate your digital transformation with
Ortems Agile Manufacturing new Version 8.1 :
New ergonomics, new features and high performance

ORTEMS, expert in collaborative manufacturing planning and production scheduling software solutions, announces the release of its new Version 8.1 to ‘Plan Tomorrow’s Factory’.

In a time of digital transformation of industries, it is surprising to see companies keeping on dealing with planning and scheduling with multiple nonintegrated tools such as wall planning boards or excel files.

The strong adjustability/variability of demand and evolution of global markets lead to a growing need for solutions allowing a better agility in a Demand Driven and Industrial Excellence perspective.

The new Ortems Agile Manufacturing V8.1 matches the needs of industrials needing to face major planning issues, by offering a detailed and flexible model covering all domains of manufacturing planning and production scheduling.

Version 8 has brought major design and ergonomic changes, technological breakthroughs, integration of multiple collaborative features and new communication and navigation functions.

Version 8.1 now improves :

• User experience: design and easier access to information.
• Improved performance to manage large volumes of operations, with benefits up to 50%.
• Management of surface constraint for manufacturers producing large part.
• Functional efficiency for Kitting, which is very prized in cosmetic industries and in food industries to handle promotional packages.
• Ergonomics: Color-blind user-friendly.
• Collaborative features: it is now easier to share information and get rid of silos.
• Power of scheduling and load leveling optimization engines.

Arnaud Proriol, Research & Development Manager of Ortems, declares :

«This new version has been developed in partnership with our customers to offer them higher performance and improved features for their core business. Ortems Agile Manufacturing V8.1 will enable our customers to have faster ROI’s and to answer their ‘Demand Driven’ perspective. This version is a keystone in the digital transformation of industries and a step forward for initiatives such as the Smart Factory or Factory 4.0».

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