Nexans uses Ortems software to plan and schedule operations at more than 23 facilities around the world in SAP, Oracle, and other ERP environments.


As a worldwide leader in the cable industry, Nexans Group offers an extensive range of cables and cabling systems to the Energy, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Building, Automotive and Aerospace markets. Nexans turned to Ortems to plan and schedule its 27 production plants. The many constraints taken into consideration include customer specifications, numerous product SKUs, local manufacturing operations to minimize transport costs, costly raw materials, etc.


  • Meet the requirements of customers who have ever shorter lead times
  • Reduce production costs in order to improve profitability
  • Decrease work-in-process and raw material inventories

Ortems was added to SAP 4.7, ECC6.0, ECC6.0/SCM 5.1 (APO/PPDS) to optimize operations across Nexans production facilities using a core model, which makes it easy to implement the solution.

Sample benefits

Nexans Korea reduced its average cycle time from 14 to 5 weeks.

Nexans Belgium Opticable:

  • Improved throughput by 20% on a like-for-like equipment and workforce basis
  • Optimized production sequencing: extrusion, color change, and setup
  • Improved reliability of due date commitments
  • Complex situation managed by one planner 

Nexans Dour Belgium:

  • ROI in less than 8 months
  • Reduced inventory by 23%
  • Reduced cycle time and improved reliability of due dates
  • Improved service level 
  • Improved productivity by 1 to 2%, and reduced scrap