Monin optimizes production at its 3 plants

A core model implemented across 3 plants

Monin, a family-held company and the world leading provider of premium syrups and flavoring products to beverage professionals and cocktail makers, manages 145 recipes in a dozen different formats.


The product ranges have diversified considerably over the past few years, and the complexity has increased substantially at the production facilities. After implementing a new ERP, Monin identified a lack of efficiency in the control of production scheduling and the multiple product references, and was looking for an easy-to-use tool to manage this complexity. Monin chose Ortems Production Scheduler and SRP software to plan the daily orders across its different production plants (between 50 and 200 orders per day) by easily viewing the production load.


Sophie Alice Labrouche, MONIN Group Manufacturing Director, states:

“The observed benefits are first and foremost the enormous time savings of more than 80% in the time required to plan and schedule lines. We also managed to increase the size of runs and optimize our plant and equipment to reduce costs. And finally we experienced a significant reduction in stock-outs during peak periods because our production is quite cyclical, doubling during the summer season.”