Mecaplast Group, one of the European leaders in automotive equipment selects Ortems Advanced Planning & Scheduling to complement SAP for their 18 plants

Mecaplast designs, develops and manufactures parts and complete systems for vehicle body and engine. Managed by Pierre Boulet, the company reports a revenue of €679 M. with 6.000 employees, based in 16 countries to serve automotive markets across the world.

From 2008 to 2014 the group has deployed a unique SAP core model in order to use one single solution across their 26 plants.

Under the initiative of Pierre Boulet, Mecaplast selects Ortems in order to have one single reliable solution for all its industrial plants.

This selection has been done after the validation of a core model on the Seseña plant in Spain. The entire logistic and scheduling team of the plant was involved to structure and organize the project in order to deploy Ortems’ solution on all 18 plants. The second plant is currently under installation and is located in Libercourt, France. The objective of Mecaplast is to deploy 5 plants per year.

The main objectives are the following:

  • Delivery date reliability.
  • Reduce the production lead time by an optimization of all the production processes such as launching short optimized regrouping campaigns to minimize set-up times.
  • Workforce optimization management by adjusting the production campaigns.
  • Produce the semi finished inventory simultaneously with the production in order to have a semi-finished inventory as low as possible thanks to a global optimization of the finished and semi-finished products.
  • Fine-tune raw material supplies with production.

These objectives will be up-dated on a daily basis by Ortems in order to generate an optimized planning and visualize immediately the impact of the modification.


Daniel Jestin, SI Applicative division Manager Mecaplast explains:

« Our priority is to ensure reliable on time delivery every time. In the automotive industry, the customer delivery is critical and paramount; our major constraints are inventory management, just in time delivery and deliveries on synchronous mode. That means that we should be able to deliver multiple parts of the same element in various colors with an immediate assembly planning in production. As the customer has no inventory we have no room for mistakes. For example, on the Libercourt plant which manufactures the Toyota Yaris, we have 10 trucks per day leaving the plant with very precise time slots. ».


Philippe Jacquet, Mecaplast Project Manager adds: « Our second constraint is to optimize our production time. A middle plant has 30 injection press without counting the assembly machines. Each machine makes between 10 to 20 different product references, whether 500 to 600 references, which we deliver regularly to our customers with few hours our less than a day cycle time.

We provide our parts and change our production every 24 hours, which implies an agile and accurate scheduling to respond to a very important turnover.

Our last constraint, which is depending on the 2 others, is the workforce management which fluctuates.

We can have a workforce fluctuation depending on the campaigns of the day, this fluctuation can go from 10 to 45 people. We have a pool of fix people with an occupancy rate that we wish to manage as best as possible without being over nor under loaded. ».


 Daniel Jestin concludes: “Every day we download dynamic data from SAP (customer needs, inventory, Work Order), the planner, thanks to Ortems readjusts the planning for the next 3 to 4 days to come, this allows us to have a real time visibility and to send the information updated back in SAP.

Now, every planner will have more time and will focus on the organization and critical information with the same tool. Ortems, brings serenity to the work shop. We now avoid production disruptions as we are able to anticipate and react to them

These unpredicted events can have damaging economic consequences and jeopardize effective production planning”.