Française de Plastique, a family-owned company and part of the Pigeon group, is specialized in the transformation of plastic materials by extrusion, blowing and injection.

The company has more than 1,300 customers, in highly varied business sectors: food-processing, media packaging, hygiene and cleaning services, automotive, medical, construction and gardening, sports and leisure, new technologies, etc.

In 2013, Française de Plastique generated revenues of nearly €35 million, including 20% outside of France, and posted strong growth, which resulted in the construction of a new plant to double its capacity.

The growth and development of Française de Plastique pushed it to carry out a planning project with ORTEMS solutions in order to address the following issues :

  • a large volume of customers with small runs,
  • a large volume of orders,
  • two shops to manage with different core activities: extrusion and injection,
  • a need for flexibility and high degree of responsiveness in a context of a growing business, and
  • have more forward certainty for the schedule.