Knauf Industries is a packaging specialist and market leader in EPS molded parts. It operates in low-margin, highly responsive and fiercely competitive markets. The need to provide irreproachable customer service and deliver productivity gains led Knauf Industries to adopt Ortems software to plan and schedule its production plants.

The Ortems solution has been implemented at more than 16 facilities with a single core model and standard SAP-Ortems interface, which enable the solution to go live in just a few days at a new production plant.

ORTEMS Production Scheduler was chosen based on its track record and ability to take into account the requirements of the plastics processing industry: management of presses and moulds in limited numbers, operators, adjusters, changeover times, etc.

One of the key words is responsiveness to accommodate the ongoing flow of incoming daily orders. In spite of the many product references they have to manage, and all the constraints they must take into account, the planners can rely on the Ortems software to commit to short and reliable lead times.

Today, the results are here to show. Out of the 16 facilities running the Ortems software, the KPIs established by Knauf Industries’ manufacturing department clearly highlight the benefits related to using Ortems.