Planning and scheduling software that covers all of manufacturers’ planning processes

The globalization of the economy and an unpredictable demand push manufacturing companies to be increasingly agile in order to meet 4 major challenges:

  • Reduce production costs in order to maintain margins and finance innovation
  • Provide irreproachable customer service and customized products
  • Reduce runs and batch sizes
  • Control inventories

An ideal addition to ERPs, DELMIA Ortems software solutions help manufacturers meet these challenges with a response for all of their planning processes by providing the simulation tools so they can make the right choices.

DELMIA Ortems lets them perform long-term capacity analyses so they can anticipate the necessary resources and investments and size their inventory levels.

DELMIA Ortems can be used over the medium-term to establish a finite-capacity load-balanced production plan that is synchronized with the material requirement plan.

And finally, over the short-term, DELMIA Ortems helps them optimize the sequencing of their production lines based on all of their finite capacity constraints. Manufacturers can cope much faster with contingencies, emergencies, and changes in demand.

Key benefits and savings


Reduction in cycle time


Improvement in customer service level


Increase in productivity


Reduction in inventory