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Lyon, November 17th 2014

Française de Plastique chooses Ortems’ industrial planning solution to optimize its flexibility and response-time in a context of strong economic growth and opening of a new plant





Française de Plastique, a family-held company affiliated with Pigeon Group, is specialized in processing plastic materials through extrusion, blowing and plastic injection.
This company has more than 1,300 customers in various industries, including: food & beverage, media packaging, hygiene and cleaning services, automotive, medical, building and gardening, sports and leisure, technologies, etc.

In 2013 Française de Plastique posted sales of circa €35 million, including 20% internationally. This strong economic growth drove the decision to build a new plant to double its existing capacity.

Française de Plastique’s growth and development drove it to implement a planning project using Ortems solutions to manage the following challenges:

• a large volume of customers with small production runs,

• a large volume of orders,

• two workshops to manage with distinct processes: extrusion and injection

• a need for flexibility and high degree of responsiveness in the face of a growing market, and

• have more forward certainty for the schedule.
Laurent Eusen – Purchasing and Logistics Manager, states:

“Our planning was becoming far too complex to manage and only one person could manage it manually. In 2012, we issued a request for proposals to find a solution that would take into account our specific business constraints. Finally we chose Ortems for its capacity to deliver a quality local service thanks to its strong French base and for its advanced standard solution with no need for bespoke developments.
Our challenge was to overcome some hurdles and move past the state of saturation with a proven solution. Aware that a single person couldn’t handle the planning alone, we wanted a user friendly and intuitive solution that a new planner could use to support our growth.

This goal was reached and today we have two employees dedicated to planning and scheduling, which also adds versatility to this role. The second objective was to gain forward certainty and responsiveness in the face of changes in customers’ orders and requests. Before Ortems, the analysis was done manually and what-if simulations were hard to do.

The Ortems solution gives us the needed forward certainty on customers’ orders and the knowledge to make good decisions. We work on a fixed period of 3 to 5 days which sometimes needs to be rescheduled due to exceptional constraints and/or customer emergencies. Today our major problem is having to work at full capacity. We are going to remedy this situation with a new plant, but until then the Ortems solution helps us take the best possible decisions. We can now prepare a schedule that takes into account the delivery due date and the order receipt date and groups work orders to limit color, material and mold changeovers. For example, when a customer places an order and then another one two weeks later, Ortems will group the work orders intelligently so they are run on the same machine.

Fortunately we started the project with Ortems in 2012, because today we are at full capacity, which would have been impossible to manage without such an advanced tool.
We are currently converting a new 7,000sqm building to increase our production capacity to support our growth. Without Ortems, we would not have been able to implement this project so smoothly. Ortems is a key tool that has paved the way for our growth and helps us continue to grow.”

René Desvignes, Ortems CEO, concludes:

“We are proud to support the development of a French industrial company into new markets and help it align its objectives and growth with high value-added operational excellence.”

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