Eurokera, a leader in quality glass-ceramic cooktops, optimizes its cycle time and increases its service level leadership thanks to Ortems Planning Solutions.


EUROKERA, a joint-venture of Corning and Saint Gobain, leader in quality glass-ceramic for cooktops, chimney and stoves, optimizes its planning with Ortems solutions. Eurokera has 5 plants over the world: one dedicated for glass melting and 4 for finishing in France, USA, Thaïland and China. Their customers are domestic appliance or fireplace suppliers.

Eurokera, has chosen Ortems in order to cope with a complex manufacturing process where all the engineering is ordered, with small production series and high number of references.

Ortems brings agility and reactivity in a fast changing market.

 Stéphane Dieu, Logistics Manager states :

« We launched this project before the redesign of our planning process as we need to become more competitive and flexible. Our market is becoming more competitive and it was not possible anymore to work manually and to have no visibility on our planning. With all our production constraints it was really impossible to expect the level of service requested by our customers. We needed to be able to load balance the plant capacity as one of our major constraints is human competence: the complexity of our manufacturing process requires a long training. During high delivery period, our level of service rate can fluctuate massively. The customer demand is very erratic from one week to the other in our activity with high seasonal peak where the sales can fluctuate as much as 100 percent on a week. Thanks to Ortems we settle a very efficient central team and create a position of Supply Chain Manager. Now everyone is sharing a monthly Sales and Operational Plan and an optimized and reliable weekly Production Plan. We manage and pilot our plant, anticipate the load, smoothen the opening of our production lines which optimize the labor cost.


Aurelien EBEL, IT manager adds: « The production is now smoothened, grouped by series and campaigns to minimize set up times and optimize bottlenecks. Thanks to Ortems we have reduced our production lead times. The new planning visibility and anticipation allow us to improve and stabilize our capability to deliver on time and Eurokera strengthened its position as a leader for high service level. Ortems is really a key solution in our factory and we won’t be able to work without it!”


Nelly Moreso, Ortems Project Manager concluded: « We have worked with a very Professional and motivated team which helped us to establish confidence in the project; it was a key success factor. Now as Eurokera  get measurable benefits with our software, we can jump to the next step and settle the Solution Maintenance Service which allow them to have the best consulting services to develop the collaborative functionalities and be able to implement new stock strategies»