Eupen Cables employs more than 800 people at a single plant in Belgium, and has a leadership position in Europe thanks to its broad product range. Eupen Cables produces a wide variety of cables: more than 3,000 product references, from single strand cables for buildings to highly complex cables with hundreds of copper strands for telecoms.


All planning in the company is done with Ortems. The solution provides many advantages, including viewing capabilities and performance unmatched in the market.

Ortems solution strengths:

  • The Ortems software can manage and plan 300 machines, i.e. 300 connected workstations that plan more than 20,000 tasks simultaneously.
  • Ortems can manage the short-term scheduling of manufacturing operations as well as the long-term analysis of capacity.
  • The powerful reporting feature can edit many daily reports, which are then distributed automatically to the different departments and Ortems users.
  • Ortems is also used to manage material supplies.