Laboratoires Chemineau complements its Sage X3 ERP with Ortems software

Laboratoires Chemineau is the European specialist in aerosol, liquid, and semi-liquid pharmaceutical products for ENT or topical use in the subcontracted pharmaceutical market.

The company has 300 employees, 120 customers, and generates revenues of €59 millions.

After implementing a sales forecast schedule in the management committee, it was essential to have a finite-capacity planning solution in order to prepare a 4-month Master Production Schedule (MPS), balance the load, and optimize resources (machines and labor).


Laboratoires Chemineau chose the Ortems planning software to complement its Sage X3 ERP in order to:

  • Improve its customer service level
  • Reduce the occupancy rate of its warehouse (components and finished products)


  • Improved efficiency and substantial time savings, especially thanks to the quick and easy repositioning of work orders
  • Improved forecact of workload
  • Improved reliability of the MPS for the 27 packaging lines
  • Easier planning process, thanks to a graphical and collaborative software solution